Features of vitamins of group B in ampoules and their correct use


Healthy and beautiful hair has always attracted the attention of people. In order for them to look perfect, you must use masks with the addition of vitamins of group B for hair. Masks are very useful, and if they are used regularly, this will help restore damaged hair, eliminate fading and increase elasticity.

The main source of all vitamins are natural products. Eating them in food, you add to your body the missing elements and thereby strengthen your health. If such a possibility does nott, then natural products can be replaced with vitamin complexes, which can be easily found in any pharmacy of your village. Vitamins A, E and B are responsible for the health of a person’s locks.

Vitamins of group B cause strengthening of hair, stop their loss and strengthen growth. If the body lacks these substances, then this leads to hair loss or even baldness.

Vitamins B6 and B12 for hair

B12 or cyanocobaline contributes to the renewal of the skin integument not only of the head, but also of the whole body. With a shortage of it in the human body, the skin on the head becomes dry and this causes dandruff and peeling. With an excess of cyanocobaline there is a risk of beriberi, so you should properly dose this vitamin. Since B12, which we get from food, is very poorly absorbed, it is vitally important for curls to produce an external feed with this substance.

B6 or pyridoxine causes the nutrition of the hair follicles and accelerates the hair growth process. Also, this substance makes hair stronger and reduces the risk of damage due to external factors. The normal balance of this substance in the body relieves dry skin and dandruff.

B1 or thiamine is responsible for the fragility, dryness and shine of the curls, so its lack makes the hair ugly and lifeless.

Tips for applying masks with vitamins in ampoules

Substances of this group can be safely included in the composition of nutritional masks, made at home.

  1. Ampoules before opening and applying them must be shaken.
  2. Thick masks are applied on wet and clean curls. The comb can be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the head and gently rub into the skin with your fingers.
  3. To increase the effect it is necessary to put on the bag after applying the mask and cover the head with a thick towel.
  4. To flush the mask, you must use a large amount of running water. It is advisable not to use any shampoos.
  5. For each new procedure, a fresh mix is ​​prepared.
  6. Masks with the use of vitamins b in ampoules should be done no more than once in 1-2 weeks. As a rule, the duration of such procedures is no more than an hour.
  7. Be sure to before applying the composition, conduct a test on your sensitivity to it.

Home masks with the use of vitamins in ampoules

These masks do an excellent job with restoring bad or damaged curls. They do not contain chemistry and strengthen hair well, eliminating hair loss. Vitamins of group B promote growth of new hair, make it healthy and voluminous.

It is important to purchase vials in pharmacies.. This is the safest option for protection against counterfeit or substandard goods. Purchased ampoules are added to homemade products or masks.

  • Regenerating. It is used to restore bad or damaged curls. For its preparation, mix a tablespoon of honey with whipped yolks and add vitamins B1, B6 and C to the mixture. Mask is applied on moist and clean curls and covered with a towel. After an hour, it can be washed off with plenty of running water.
  • Universal. This mask helps hair of any type. For its preparation it is necessary to mix one ampoule of the following vitamins: B6, B12, A, D, E. To these should be added a teaspoon of burdock oil, olive and castors, as well as honey and lemon juice in the same proportion. The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair. As in the previous case, cover the head with a towel or handkerchief. After an hour, it can be washed off using shampoo.
  • Stimulating. A very good tool for hair growth is a mixture of three vials of vitamin B6, to which is added the same amount of B12, whipped yolk and a little shampoo. After that, all gently mixed and applied to the hair. An hour later, this mask is washed off with warm water.
  • Firming. This mask helps prevent hair loss. It consists of an ampule of vitamin B2, aloe juice and lemon. In the resulting mixture add a little garlic and applied to clean hair. For 30 minutes, cover the hair with a towel, and then wash off the mask with warm water. In order to remove the smell of garlic, a little mustard powder can be added to the water.
  • Anti-dandruff mask. In order to get rid of dandruff, you need to make the following mask. Mix one ampoule of vitamins: A, E, B1, B12. This mixture is dissolved in the infusion of herbs, consisting of flowers of lime, nettle, chamomile, and pour one cup of boiling water. An infusion of herbs will be ready in 20 minutes. Before you mix it with vitamins, the infusion must be filtered to obtain a clear liquid.

Apply this mask warm to the skin and hair.. Then wrap the film and wrap a towel. After one hour, the mixture can be rinsed with running water.

To get rid of dandruff is also well suited and a tea mask. For its preparation in a glass of boiling water brewed black tea. After twenty minutes, filter it and add the yolk. Into the resulting solution is poured in ampoule B6 and B12. You can also add aloe juice. Apply this mask warm to the hair roots and wrap a towel. After half an hour it can be washed off with warm water.

Adding vitamins to shampoos

To increase the effect of vitamin use, they can be added to shampoo. Shake the vial before mixing. When washing your hair with this shampoo, you do not need to rinse your hair right away, but leave this mixture for 5-7 minutes. During this time, all the beneficial substances get into the skin.

Professionals believethat injections are much more effective than taking pills. In addition, vitamin B1 can not be applied to the head due to its destruction when interacting with oxygen and sunlight. Before intramuscular injections, be sure to consult a doctor.

If you have already opened the ampoule, then it should be used immediately. Store purchased and closed ampoules in a cool and dark place at the same time.

Never mix vitamins of this group.without knowing the proportions and effects. For example, action B1 slows down when taking B6. this increases the risk of allergies. If you mix B1 and B12 in one day, then both of them will lose their beneficial properties.

Mainly in the care of hair you need to provide them with beneficial substances. Hair reflects the whole state of the body. For them to be healthy and strong for a long time, they should be constantly nourished with useful substances, the main ones of which are vitamins.