Pros and cons of tape hair extensions


Many girls dream of long and beautiful hair, but not everyone can afford them. Growth and structure of curls can be influenced by heredity, environment and health. However, now, to become the owner of a smart head of hair, it is not necessary to grow hair for years, you can simply expand it. The safest type of extension - tape, it does not imply a thermal effect on the strands.

Tape building technology

For tape extensions used cold type of hair attachment. You can get chic, long strands in just an hour, but it is very important that the materials are of high quality and the master is professional.

Cold type of artificial hair extension lies in the fact that donor strands and natural connect with a special adhesive tape. The whole procedure is that the master takes a thin natural strand, and gently sticks to it a few donor. The width of the ribbons is about 4 cm, and the maximum length is 60 cm. To minimize the load, donor strands are fixed at a distance of 1 cm from the roots. About 40 strands will be needed for thick hair, and 20 for a more rare one.

The undoubted advantage of this technology is that natural hair can not be adversely affected by chemistry and high temperatures. Therefore, after removing such tapes, the curls remain in a normal state and do not require intensive treatment.

Advantages of the technique

This technology of hair extension has the following advantages:

  1. Security. Chemistry and special devices are not used during the procedure. Hair can not be exposed to high temperatures.
  2. Efficiency. A single extension takes a maximum of 30–35 minutes, depending on the wishes of the client and the natural density of the hair.
  3. Universal. This technique is perfect for any type of hair.
  4. Efficiency. If you make all the adjustments in a timely manner, and properly care for your hair, the extended strands will be in good condition for about a year. This is very profitable, since you do not need to constantly repack.
  5. Availability. Due to the fact that for the conduct of such a procedure does not require any specific tools and materials, the price of such an extension is more affordable than the extension by other techniques.
  6. Hypoallergenic. This technique is suitable even for people who are prone to allergic reactions, as the glue and tape are not allergens.
  7. Easy to care. To care for extended strands, you can not buy special professional tools that many can not afford.

Cons of the procedure

The disadvantages of this technique lengthening The order is in the following nuances:

  • a hair that has been extended in this way requires frequent correction;
  • high hairstyles will have to be abandoned, as the tape attachment points will be slightly visible;
  • when visiting the sauna and solarium, you should wear a special cap to protect the hair;
  • if the care was chosen incorrectly, then the tapes may begin to peel off.

Materials for building

To carry out such a procedure will require special tressy. Their price varies from 3 to 10 dollars per piece, depending on the quality and length. They can be both straight and long. The length of the tress starts up to 10 cm. In the shops for hairdressers you can find tresses shorter than 10 cm, often they are used to make hair thicker. Most often, masters use Slavic curls, as they are soft and resist external factors well.

In addition to tress, it is very important to choose high-quality glue or special adhesive tape. It is best to use hypoallergenic formulations.

Description of the procedure

The peculiarity of the technology lies in the method of fastening tresses.. The cold technique is that the artificial strands are attached to the natural in the root area with a special adhesive tape. A huge advantage is the lack of application of heat exposure, which can damage the hair structure.

Donor strands should be pre-distributed on the adhesive tape and on one of the sides apply a hypoallergenic adhesive composition that does not smell.

Before gluing the hairs, you should thoroughly wash your hair and deflate your scalp well.. If fatty secretions are present, the attachment will quickly begin to weaken, and the curls will disappear very quickly.

Varieties of capacity

Tape elongation of hair is performed by one of two methods.

  1. Hair talk - It is a German method of attachment, which is great for short-term extension. It lies in the fact that the tress attached to the bangs and temples. Strands are made by hand and only from natural curls. This technology involves the use of 10−20 tapes. To create a coloring effect, you can use tressy different colors.
  2. Angelohair - Italian technology. Used strands on keratin basis. Made from high-quality European and Slavic hair. Due to their naturalness and high quality, the strands are distinguished by their durability. As the material for bonding used acrylic composition. The main difference between the Angelohair series is that they are much narrower and therefore less visible. Building on the Italian technology lasts longer than the German. Correction will need to be done more often, but such tresses are less susceptible to detrimental mechanical effects.

Correction of tape hair extensions

As the hair grows, correction should be carried out periodically. On average, such a procedure should be carried out every 2–3 months. It is necessary in order to rearrange the tress closer to the roots. The procedure itself does not take much time and does not harm live hair.

The advantage of the tape extension method is that during the correction the polymer layer does not remain a head. If you do the lengthening using other methods, it is possible that part of the sticky layer will remain on the hair even after the correction. To remove the remnants of this mass, it will take several hours.

The strands built up by the tape method do not cause a feeling of tightness of the hair; you do not need to get used to them every time after correction. If the adjustment is correct, then on the look and feel of the tress can not be distinguished from natural hair.

The difference between tape and capsular capacity

If lengthen the strands capsular way, minimizes the risk that hair will turn into mats. Tapes are inferior to capsules in reliability and durability, but are easier to remove and do not have a negative impact on natural strands.

Build up with ribbons will cost lessTherefore, this method is ideal for those who want to get long curls for a solemn event.

Contraindications to the procedure

The tape extension procedure is not recommended in the following cases:

  • if hair falls out badly;
  • there are skin diseases;
  • you are taking antibiotics or hormones;
  • undergo chemotherapy.

Notice that there are also age limits. Such an increase is contraindicated for minors.

As a result, it should be noted that the tape extension is perfect for those who want to have beautiful long hair at an event. If you want long strands for a long time, it is better to give preference to capsular capacity.