The magical scent of the New Year: the most popular combinations that you can do with your own hands without extra cost


New Year's holidays are waiting and loved at any age. Aromatherapy will help to fill the house with the appropriate atmosphere - the smell of orange or patchouli, fragrant oils and spices, which, in combination with each other, can not only improve sleep and improve mood, but also tune in to romance and improve well-being. The aroma of the New Year brings joy, warmth and anticipation of a magical holiday.

The most popular combinations of smells that in the future can be presented to relatives, friends or colleagues.

Dried fragrance bag ingredients

Stir and put in decorative bags.

Coffee Symphony

Roasted coffee beans, allspice, anise, cinnamon and cardamom.

Spicy apple

Cranberries, apples, ginger root.

Citrus Obsession

Dried oranges, lemon zest, juniper berries.

Wonderful home fragrances

Smells can not only give, but keep yourself! =)

Bank with a surprise

Make a mixture of spices and citruses, add nuts and cones. Fold everything into an airtight jar, put some aroma oil on it and close the mixture for a few hours. After that, put on a beautiful dish - the fragrance will spread throughout the house.

Cut the citrus in half, sprinkle with sea salt, add the aromatic oil and put the spices.


Ingredients: cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, cloves, pine cones and dried rosemary - place in cake tins, put a cotton wick in the middle and pour all over with melted candle or half-wax.

Next, let it harden, take it out of the molds and put in a sealed package until they need to be used.

And a few more ideas on how to make candles with the scent of Christmas.

Aromatic Fireplace Cones

Cones can decorate the interior of the house or throw in the fireplace to create a unique flavor.

The manufacturing process is simple - even kids can handle it. It is necessary to heat the wax to a liquid state and add color pencil to it (for dyeing it in your favorite color). Next, dip cones into the mixture, place on wax paper and allow to frost. For bright colors in wax they need to dip several times.

At the end, put in a wicker form cones.

Mix for New Year's Glutven

Mix for mulled wine is easy to prepare. The classic ingredients (cinnamon sticks, flower petals, dried ginger, zest, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla) must be folded in a container and left until the moment when you need to brew a drink.

The tart, spicy, sweetish-weeping aromas cause associations with the New Year and Christmas. But this does not mean at all that there is no place for experiment and imagination. Try, create your New Year scent that best reflects your mood.