Effective exercises for the waist at home - How to become a goddess!


Exercises for a thin waist at home will return smooth bends and a flat stomach

Exercises and women's "tricks" to create a thin waist at home will return smooth bends and a flat stomach. The word "waist", according to one of the versions, consists of the exclamations of a girl who looks at herself in the mirror with curiosity ("Am I that?"). Without trying to turn back the river of time, it’s realistic to create perfect proportions thanks to this particular part of the body.

The optimal proportions of the abdomen and hips, if the first indicator is divided by the second. You can congratulate those who have a calculator shows a result of 0.6-0.7 units

The game of geometric shapes

Men admit that the hourglass remains the most popular and desired type of female figure (the body, like Scheherazade’s, has lush breasts and hips, narrow waist). It is not necessary to weigh 50 kg. Features of the ideal belt zone:

  • The optimal proportions of the abdomen and hips, if the first indicator is divided by the second. You can congratulate those who have a calculator shows a result of 0.6-0.7 units.
  • Sometimes not a saggy stomach, but a distended stomach gives extra volumes. It is enough to adjust the used portions of food (switch to 5 meals a day, plus - let the volumes of food not exceed two palms folded in a boat). Extra centimeters will go away.

Tip! Sometimes the type of figure is dictated by hormones. The imbalance of thyroid hormones, estrogen, diabetes mellitus "makes" the body work slower, put off fats, provoke unhealthy appetite. A visit to an endocrinologist and / or gynecologist will not be superfluous.

If you need a silhouette of an hourglass for taking pictures, you need to take a winning pose - put your hands behind your head and spread your elbows wide, straighten your back.

Sometimes not a saggy stomach, but a distended stomach gives extra volumes.

Important! If exercises for slimming the waist at home do not cause enthusiasm, the fair sex does not have time or there are restrictions for health reasons, save yourself with fashionable advice. Slimming (corrective) underwear would be appropriate. But it is not recommended to wear it for a long time, contraindications - tumors, pregnancy, circulatory disorders. Beauty should not harm health.

Aspen waist: methods for the lazy

General weight loss invariably leads to a decrease in the zone of the belt. The use of more protein products (if there are no kidney diseases, and the water balance is maintained), reducing the total number of calories consumed per day will give the desired results!

Often, all this is done in the name of the “little black dress” or evening gown prepared for the reunion. The clothes themselves can help. It is necessary to correctly select the styles that easily “veil” up to 5 kg and visually stretch the figure.

  • Sundresses, dress-shirts, dresses in retro-style, which combine fluffy trapezoid skirts and open shoulders or sleeves-lanterns.
  • Skirts with basque, covering the tummy, or, conversely, additionally increasing the hips (in contrast looks visually underlined thin waist).
  • Wide belts, large ruffles on the chest will also add "points" in favor of the tummy.

Massages that increase blood circulation in problem areas, use twice a week scrubs - all this will benefit you

Health and beauty treatments are also useful. Massages that enhance blood circulation in problem areas, use of scrubs twice a week (during the period of taking a contrast shower or a relaxing warm bath).

Tip!They buy sea salt with the addition of citrus aroma oils or independently create the necessary means - mix the cream (used as a base) with caffeine, coffee grounds and aromatic oil of juniper, cypress, tea tree, but use them with caution (5-7 drops) - they can cause allergic the reaction. Sometimes they are added to the means for wrapping around problem areas.

You are my breath

Effective and light waist exercises at home sometimes start with breathing exercises. These are popular destinations like bodyflex (stretching and special breathing), oxysize (based on taking poses with special breathing). The load on the body is due to abdominal breathing (the abdominal muscles are worked out, the diaphragm is activated, the blood is “accelerated” and the heartbeat is intensified).

Pros - there are positive reviews (the waist is reduced to 14 cm in 2 months, provided proper nutrition, breathing exercises and an increase in the amount of water consumed per day, be sure to - a glass of water in the morning, after waking up).

Cons - performing a complex without an instructor, a woman is sometimes dizzy, can faint, break the heart.

Slowly inhale through the nose, after 2-3 seconds, without breathing out, inhale again a couple of times. The exhalations are produced in the same order and intensity - long, two short. Approach - up to 4 times (use only abdominal breathing).

Effective and light waist exercises at home sometimes start with breathing exercises.

Slowly inhale with the nose (the stomach is picked up as much as possible), exhale through the mouth (the muscles of the abdominal cavity stick out).

They inhale deeply with the help of the diaphragm (they even lower their chin and pull in the stomach), exhale all the air and hold their breath.

Tip! Pregnancy is the time of strict rejection of any actions aimed at reducing the zone of the belt. Waist breathing exercises are no exception. People with diseases of the heart, thyroid gland, eyes are also recommended to consult a doctor before gymnastics.

For skinny and physically hardy girls, this complex will not give a visual result, you will have to look for "active" methods.

“Calm” recipes: belly dance

A beautiful belt zone is demonstrated by oriental beauties who, even in pre-Christian times, developed their own waist exercises at home (there were no others then), Arabic, Indian, Egyptian video can be easily found on the Internet.

Indian choreography originated after the myth of the dancing god Shiva, chasing evil forces in the dance. And the New Testament daughter of King Herod, Solomei, danced Antipas with dances, taking the life of a famous saint.

Belly dance helps you find your waist

In girls engaged in oriental dances, the waist is often particularly pronounced (due to the constant use of the abdominal muscles), although the belly of the dancers is soft, the press may be completely absent.

Key figure - the eight. Stand on two legs, do not tear off the feet from the floor. The back is straight. The right thigh is taken to the right side, then - as back as possible. At this time, the left thigh also makes a circular motion. Then repeat the same with the left thigh. It turns out the "horizontal eight".

Developed oblique muscles and gluteus, external surface of the thigh.
The "vertical eight" is also aimed at the thinness of the belt zone. The starting position is the same. The right thigh is lifted up to the maximum, lifting the heel from the floor, to the right and down (they do not pull back). They make a circular motion, describing the circumference of the thigh. Repeat the movement of the left thigh.

Rocking, rotation, "swing", "pendulum" (the stomach is fixed, and the hips are diverted alternately left and right, as if they draw a smile) - based on simple movements, which burns extra calories in the abdomen, relieves the sides.

Tip! Video tutorials, online classes on the Internet and training with an instructor are the best options that are used in the complex.

Wedding ring

An undeservedly forgotten mini-simulator is a hula-hoop with which little girls hardly part. Today the fashion for the hoop is being revived. Patented this item in the 60s of the twentieth century, the Americans, although twisted bamboo leaves from the rim has long been used by the Polynesian indigenous people. Girls can afford to buy hula-hoop, depending on the degree of fitness of the organism.

How to reduce the waist at home, "prompt" exercises with this "companion" of harmony.

Exercises begin with 5 minutes of rotation in each direction, gradually increasing the time to an hour

Classes begin with a lightweight (lightweight aluminum or plastic) model to avoid spinal injury. After 3-4 weeks, they switch to a weighted version (sand is filled up inside, they acquire a wide rubberized hula hoop with massage inserts).

Tip! With the pathology of the kidneys, spine, during menstruation and diseases of the pelvic organs, the hoop will have to be abandoned.

Exercises begin with 5 minutes of rotation in each direction, gradually increasing the time to an hour. Sometimes it is advised to break the workout into several approaches (twist the hoop in the morning, afternoon and evening).

To avoid addiction, alternate rotations with other exercises with the hula hoop. For example, they become against the wall, against which they press their backs. Feet slightly bent. Hoop held over his head, arms spread wide. Do it rolls along the wall, not lifting his feet from the floor. Strain the oblique muscles and abdominal muscles.

The starting position is the same. But lift the leg bent at the knee. Hoop trying to get to her. Perform alternately.

Important! During workouts the abdomen must be tight or retracted. Exercises are done on an empty stomach (one hour before or after meals).

Anita Lutsenko: waist in 5 minutes

The popular fitness trainer of Ukraine, helping everyone to lose weight and keep fit, offers an intensive course of morning workouts, which will not take more than 5-10 minutes. It is enough to spend it through the day in the framework of the "morning toilet". These exercises for the waist at home (your photo can be done before and a month after) will always help out those who do not have free time to visit the gyms.

It will be difficult to achieve perfect forms without sports.

Warm up (without it it is easy to get injured muscles). Stretching will warm up muscles. Stretch your back and abdominal muscles will help exercise: hands on the belt, legs shoulder-width apart. Maximum rounding of the back and take it back, head down. Alternate with protrusion of the abdomen and raising the head. Make rotational movements shoulders. Knead knees and hips (the bent leg in a standing position is turned back so that the heel touches the back and, without lowering the leg to the floor, move it forward so that it touches the knee to the abdomen).

Effectively exercise, strengthening the abdominal muscles and hips. Starting position - standing. Then they squat, resting their hands on the floor - they throw their legs back (the stand resembles a bar or a push-up pose) - returning to the position (legs are picked up, the pose of a seated man with his hands on the floor turns out). Perform 5-10 times.

In a standing position, arms bent at the elbows should be set apart. They are trying to bend down to a raised leg bent at the knee. Perform intensely.

10 times on each side doing an exercise for the oblique and rectus abdominis. Starting position as for push-ups. Leaning on the arms, the leg bent at the knee is brought to the body as if they are trying to reach the elbow with the knee.

Completes a set of exercises sitting waist. Sit down on the floor. The back is flat. Legs slightly bent at the knees, straightened. The heels are torn off the floor, the palms are squeezed into a “lock” and alternately touch the floor to the left and right, turning the body.

You can achieve success through regular training.

It is important that you need to complete the complex by siping, you can sit in a lotus pose or cross-legged in Turkish, to stretch. The hitch improves the work of the muscles and puts them in a calmer mode.

Slim waist: just a rug and desire

Exercises for aspen waist at home will give results if you have a jump rope in your arsenal (an excellent cardio load leading to a general weight loss and, as a result, in the abdomen). The health disc is also useful, the rotation on which strengthens the lateral muscles of the body, forms a slim silhouette.

If there are no available tools, you will need only a mat and comfortable clothing for classes.

  • Rotations. Starting position is to stand, feet shoulder-width apart, arms bent at the elbows and pressed to the chest. You need to rotate around your axis (describe the circle with your hips, as if twisting a hula-hoop, and rotate the body). It should feel the tension and warmth in the muscles.

Exercises for the press should be your best friends

  • Lie on the floor. Legs bend at the knees, arms in the elbows, lead over the head. The first option is to lift the body 20-30 times (pump the upper press) or try to get the elbow in the opposite direction (left - to the right side, behind the body, and vice versa).
  • Starting position - lie on your back, legs straight. One is bent at the knee and turned on for another, trying to touch the floor.
  • The plank will also be useful (lying on the stomach, the emphasis is placed on the palm, the legs are shoulder-width apart, the floor is pressed against the toes, the back and buttocks are held straight). Fix the position for 4 minutes (starting with 30 seconds).

In any case, first study your figure. Some girls even in the presence of smartness and slimness are disappointed by the display in the mirror - the waist is not given by nature to everyone (the type of figure is rectangle, square).
Then they work on the gluteal muscles (make the hips wider) and pectoral (increase the chest). This creates the desired silhouette of an hourglass.

And it is possible, as socialite Kim Kardashian or scandalous rap singer Nicky Minaj, to increase her buttocks with the help of plastic surgeons.

Healthy nutrition and sport mode will soon do the trick.

For girls and women who do not want to spend extra money, the advice is simple - systematic exercises, well-being and a light dinner in a couple of months will “provide” their result in the mirror. It turns out that everybody can make herself beautiful!