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Whitening cream for pigment spots can quickly solve the problem of pigmentation

It is a mistake to assert that whitening face cream against pigment spots interests only mature women. Young people's skin is also prone to darkening, for which there are various reasons. In any case, the spots on the face do not add attractiveness and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Let's find out which remedy is more effective.

The causes of pigment spots on the face abound

Causes of age spots

Small dark areas of a round or oval shape on the skin are called pigment spots. To their appearance leads:

  • aging;
  • skin insolation;
  • hormonal changes;
  • substandard cosmetics;
  • the use of certain drugs;
  • prolonged exposure to sunlight on the skin;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • liver disease;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • regular stress;
  • neuropsychiatric disorders;
  • pregnancy.

As we can see, the reasons for the appearance of age spots on the face abound. Watch your physical and moral health, and the problem of pigment spots will arise only because of age-related changes in the body.

One of the reasons for the appearance of age spots is poor-quality cosmetics. Even in the production of expensive popular creams used animal fats, mineral oils and preservatives, parabens. A worthy replacement was not found yet. Namely, parabens can accumulate in the body and lead to serious diseases and skin problems. Leading experts, dermatologists conducted a series of experiments. They showed that it is best to use creams consisting of only natural ingredients for face skin care. We recommend using cosmetics from Mulsan Cosmetic. All products of the company have passed the necessary certification and are 100% natural ingredients. You can choose a cream for any type of facial skin in the online store

Pigmented spots in girls can appear after a long stay in the sun or from hormonal disruptions in the body.

Tip! To choose the right remedy for pigment spots, first find out the reason for their appearance. If the causes of the violation are serious, you must first eliminate them. Visit a general practitioner, endocrinologist, gynecologist.

Whitening Creme Review

In specialized stores creams are presented with the bleaching effect of different manufacturers. Each of them claims to know a unique formula for getting rid of age spots. But is it? According to user feedback, we ranked creams:

  • Melanativ - medicinal cosmetic cream, effective in combating hyperpigmentation. Suitable for different skin types. Brightens traces of freckles, acne and boils.
    Price: 700 rubles.

Melaniativ brightens traces of freckles, acne and boils

  • Akhromin - cream with vitamins and rose extract, suitable for light skin. Protects the epidermis from the negative effects of sunlight. Price: 125-140 rubles.

Akhromin protects the epidermis from the negative effects of sunlight

  • Clearwin - prevents the formation of excess melanin. Thanks to herbal extracts, vitamin E and other components that make up the cream, it maintains skin elasticity and brightens scars, scars, freckles, age spots. Price: 100 rubles.

Clearwin brightens scars, scars, freckles, age spots

  • Neotone Radio - pigment spots day cream with a sunscreen effect. Interferes with the formation of excess melanin due to the active ingredients Lumiskin and B-White. Can cause allergies.
    Price: 2 thousand rubles.

Neotone Radiance - age spots day cream with sunscreen effect

  • Bark against freckles and age spots - a preparation that contains sea water, lemon, verbena and licorice. Components eliminate skin defects resulting from hormonal changes. May cause allergies due to citrus content.
    Price: 400-500 rubles.

Bark against freckles and age spots eliminates skin defects resulting from hormonal changes

  • Amanita lightening against pigment spots - natural cosmetics, leveling the complexion. Can be used during pregnancy and lactation.
    Price: 140-170 rubles.

Amanita brightening against age spots - natural cosmetics, leveling complexion

  • Whitening series Natura Siberika prevents rapid aging of the skin. Promotes cell renewal and gives the face a glow.
    Price: 550 rubles.

Whitening series Natura Siberika prevents the rapid aging of the skin

  • Whitening by Renew - The product of the Israeli manufacturer, which has a beneficial effect on the skin. Accelerates regeneration and gives the maximum whitening effect. Restores and renews tissues. The series features several lotions and bleaching creams.
    Price: 1700 - 3200 rubles.

Renew Whitening series features several lotions and whitening creams.

  • Shining White Pearl - A sample of professional cosmetics, which includes a liposome complex. It provides inhibition of the formation of melonin. The cream moisturizes the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Price ranges from 2700-3200.

The glow of a white pearl is a sample of professional cosmetics, which includes a liposome complex. It provides a melanin suppression

Here is a list of the most effective creams against pigment spots. But depending on the individual characteristics of the skin, you can choose other drugs. Carefully study the composition, use the tools regularly and your face will change.

Tip! When choosing a lightening cream, read the reviews and consult your dermatologist.

How to choose a tool?

We have already figured out what pigment spots are and why they appear, what effective creams can be found on the market, but the question of how to choose the cream for you is not yet closed. It is very important to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Otherwise, you can not just get rid of age spots, but also worsen the skin condition.

So, what to look for when choosing a whitening cream for the face?

  • The presence of components in the composition, which reduce the level of melanin production. Vitamin C improves metabolism and strengthens the walls of capillaries. Tocopherol brightens spots, prevents the formation of new wrinkles, maintains cellular integrity. Lactic and almond acid extracts of medicinal plants have a wide range of actions. Normalizes the process of producing melanin jojoba oil and aloe juice.
  • Hypoallergenic. The cream should not contain components that can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Proven components. Poor-quality manufacturers allow themselves to add to the face cream components that are not fully understood. Carefully read the composition. If it contains kojic acid, hydrochin or arbutin, do not buy it in any case.

When choosing a cream against age spots, pay attention to the presence of components in the composition, which reduce the level of melanin production

  • Manufacturer. Luxury luxury cosmetics can not be bad, as a well-known manufacturer values ​​the reputation. Dermatologists advise once to spend money on a quality drug than later on the treatment of consequences.

Tip! High-quality anti-pigmentation creams include natural ingredients that provide effective and gentle action. If you find one, feel free to buy it.

How to use whitening cream?

For the greatest effectiveness of the acquired cream, it is important to know how to use it properly. Only in this case, the combination of price, quality and efficiency will be balanced and justified. To get the maximum benefit from the tool, follow the recommendations:

  • Before applying the cream on your face, test for allergic reactions. You may not know how the body will react to the combination of the components that make up the cream, so do not neglect the rule. The cream is applied on the elbow bend for 20-30 minutes. If there is no redness or other side effects, the drug can be used.
  • During the course of applying the whitening cream, protect your face from exposure to sunlight. To do this, use a sunscreen with a protection factor above 25 before each day walk.
  • Apply the cream only on cleansed skin from dust, cosmetics, decorative cosmetics.
  • Apply bleaching cream in the evening and leave overnight. During the day may increase pigmentation.

Apply bleaching cream in the evening and leave overnight. Day may increase pigmentation

  • An integrated approach will quickly get rid of the problem. Use, except for creams and serums for bleaching, folk remedies, which we will talk about a little later.

Tip! Remember that if used improperly, even the best preparation will not bring the desired effect. In this case, it can harm.

Home remedies to remove pigment spots

Quality creams from a trusted manufacturer are undoubtedly the best way to get rid of dark spots on the face. But you will get quick results if used in combination with other means. Let's look at ways to care for your skin at home:

Infusion of chopped parsley in boiling water wipe the face twice a day (morning and evening). Gives whitening effect after regular application. If you mix parsley with sour cream or milk and apply on face, the pigmentation will stop and the skin will improve.

A spoonful of lemon juice in 10 tablespoons of water is a solution for daily rubbing of the face. The product is effective for skin whitening. Before use, test for allergic reactions.

The lotions from any dairy products refresh and tone the skin. Mini compresses should be applied daily for 15 minutes.

A spoonful of lemon juice in 10 tablespoons of water is a solution for daily rubbing of the face. The product is effective for skin whitening.

Perfectly discolor freckles and age spots onion juice. Once the onion has been cut, wipe the face with the incised part. To avoid irritation, grease the skin with sour cream for 10 minutes. Excellent method for normal and dry skin type.

Tip! At home, prepare facial care products daily. Only fresh juice of natural herbs, vegetables and fruits favorably affects the skin cells.

Whitening cream for pigment spots: reviews

To study the composition of the cream and learn about its effectiveness - this is only part of the success in choosing a lightening cream for the face. It is very important to learn real user tips. Of course, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the body of each person, but thanks to the reviews you will know exactly what means to avoid, and what you can try.

Irina, 46 years old: After 43 years, I began to appear pigmented spots. And I didn’t pay attention to them before, until I noticed that in the photos the face looks old and black. At the moment I used three different anti-pigmentation creams, but I didn’t get any noticeable results.

Alexander, 48 years old: I am far from the world of beauty and fashion, but every day I observe how a spouse makes milk lotions. It looks funny, of course, but as she says, it brightens her skin. I do not know, for me, Olga is always the most beautiful. I will give, perhaps, her cream, so that it is more convenient to use.

Anya, 25 years old: I bought a whole series of Natura Siberika cosmetics for skin lightening. It smells good, brightens. I liked the convenient dispenser. But! It is absolutely not suitable for oily skin. The day cream of the described line is sticky and leaves white deposits in the enlarged pores. Even on the hairs remains white.

Larisa Aleksandrovna, 43 years: For a long time I used the French shine cream. He really suited me. Besides the fact that the blemishes from the face almost disappeared, my skin began to look better. But unfortunately, the drug was removed from production. Now I’m looking for a new tool, but I haven’t found anything better.

Tip!To get the desired result from the whitening cream, you need to apply it regularly. Only a systematic improvement of the skin will become noticeable after a short period of time.