What manicure men like: 5 best ideas


It is on the color of nail polish and nail design depends on the appearance of the hands of women. When choosing colors, you can focus not only on your taste, but also on the preferences of the second half. Therefore, it will be useful to know what kind of manicure a man likes.

What shades like men

According to the surveys conducted on our portal among men of 25-45 years old, it became known that they prefer gentle and soft nail shades of their girls.

In priority such tones:

  • pink;
  • beige;
  • sand;
  • lactic.

These colors visually lengthen the fingers, improving the appearance of the hands.

Young guys (up to 25 years old) prefer these colors:

  • red;
  • burgundy;
  • dark brown.

Many men madly like classic French manicure.

Attractive shape and length

Mostly men do not like too long nails. They like tidy marigolds of medium length, which are associated with safety. The classic oval shape or soft square remains attractive.

Of the above forms, it is preferable that on the little finger (left)

5 best manicure ideas

Men most often prefer to see the following manicure design options on the nails of their lovers:

  1. Classic french This is the best option, which adds to the image of brevity and femininity. You can slightly dilute french interesting, but low-key decor, for example, monograms or small rhinestones.
  2. White manicure. This stylish option is sure to enjoy a man. Design can be chosen for every day, and yet it will be perfectly combined with evening dress. Minus white lacquer in its impracticality, as it quickly gets dirty.
  3. Minimalistic. This manicure is the most popular summer 2019 season, as it is pleasant not only for guys, but also for girls. There are many drawings, for example, monograms, geometry.
  4. Red. This manicure affects men magnetically. Especially attractive shade looks on short neat marigolds. Intentionally decorating such a manicure somehow is not even necessary, as it looks very impressive.
  5. Pastel pink. This option is suitable for romantic girls and those ladies who must comply with the dress code. Men like pastel shades that can be diluted with a glitter or an interesting pattern.

It turns out that to please a man, just make-up and a spectacular appearance are not enough. You need to take care of manicure. It should be discreet, made in soothing colors and short nails.