Holidays May 17: long live the Internet, nuts and changes for the better


As long as there are Fridays in the world, we will always have a reason to celebrate. And what if you want not only to have fun, but to make your evening themed and original? Call for help calendars! What only they know about the holidays on May 17 ...

What holidays are celebrated on May 17 in Russia?

I studied thoroughly the calendars, but the purely Russian solemn date falling on May 17 found only one, and that would be interesting, perhaps, only to historians: in 1727 (292 years ago) the young Emperor Peter II ascended the throne, reigned for about 3 years. Achievement, frankly, small.

The grandson and granddaughter of Peter I from son Alexey did not live long

Maybe turn to church holidays?

  1. Orthodox people with important dates today are also not densely, but young people who are in conflict with the older generation can honor the memory of Pelagia of Tarsia: it is believed that it helps to smooth family conflicts with parents, maintain faith in a difficult period, and also protects all innocently offended birds and ... innocent girls.
  2. Buddhists around the world celebrate May 17, Wesak Day, preaching one simple truth: "If you want to change the whole world, start with yourself." It is believed that during the May full moon, on which Vesak falls, the Buddha was born; on the same date, many years later, he reached enlightenment, and on another 17 days of May, being 80 years old, left the earthly world. In a word, if you were going to get rid of some unpleasant character trait long ago or acquire a good habit, it is better not to find time, no matter what religion you consider yourself to be.
  3. The followers of the Baha'i religion, who are still a minority in Russia, will also not remain on May 17 without any reason to have fun. For them, this day will begin the Feast of the Nineteenth Day of the Month of Azamat, during which people should strive with all their strength for agreement, to show each other love and affection.

It seems that the holidays are still not enough ... Maybe in the national calendar will find something curious?

And there is! May 17 is bakushnikov day! But do not rush to fall on the sofa and indulge in legitimate rest, for "bakushniki" in this context means "those who harvested the wood bars for making spoons." Maybe watch yourself a hobby related to carving?

In the national calendar this day belongs to the bakushniki

Birthdays of the day:

  • Ivan;
  • Isaac;
  • Kirill;
  • Clement;
  • Leonty;
  • Maria;
  • Nikita;
  • Nikolay;
  • Pelagia.

What is celebrated in the world?

But in other countries there is no shortage of holidays. Feel free to connect to the fun together:

  • with Norwegians, Nigerians, and Nauru residents celebrating Constitution Day on May 17;
  • with Argentines proud of their Navy;
  • with the Latvians celebrating today the day of the fireman and rescuer;
  • with the Spaniards paying tribute to the Galician literature (one of the local ethnic groups);
  • with Belarusians who are now joining the world action “Night of Open Museums”, promoting culture to the masses;
  • with the Americans rejoicing in walnuts today - simply and unpretentiously. And in the USA, the most delicious day of today

And we are waiting for international holidays:

  • Internet birthday;
  • Day pulmonologist, acting, by the way, and in Russia;
  • World Arterial Hypertension Day;
  • International Telecommunications Day (telecommunications and information society);
  • The day of the fight against homophobia, initiated by LGBT. How to celebrate the day of the fight against homophobia, everyone decides for himself

Well, how to do without comic holidays like:

  • Day ocarin, pipe and whistle;
  • Fried shell holiday;
  • Day man in the street.

And on April 17, the color photo, first presented to the public by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861, celebrates the anniversary of more than a century and a half.

But once this photo uh how impressive!

How will we celebrate?

How do we begin to celebrate this Friday, so as not to become a boring philistine? I offer options:

  1. Gather a company of friends who are determined to play a prank, and walk a couple of blocks, whistling at the whistlers, tweeters and beeps, and complete your march in a youth cafe.
  2. Make a bunch of interesting photos, the funnier and crazy, the better. You are not Maxwell, you have no need to save on film.
  3. Buy in the supermarket edible chestnuts, fry and regales, and put burnt shells in boats on the water. According to my personal childhood experience, which I am not proud of, I warn you - this number will not work with ordinary horse, don’t even try. But you can try to turn it with walnuts, since they are honored today in America.
  4. Bake a birthday cake, put it in front of the computer, sing "Happy birthday, dear Internet", and then add some sweet treat to your friends.
  5. Congratulate all pulmonologists, programmers and web designers in the area.
  6. If the action "Night at the Museum" is held in your city, use it to enrich yourself culturally and, moreover, completely free of charge.
  7. Express your friendliness nasty neighbor - you see, and she kinder.
  8. Make a plan to change yourself for the better and begin to implement immediately.

Concerning the fight against homophobia, I will not give advice - it hurts too delicate. I am sure that if you do not suffer from prejudices about who should sleep with whom and how, you yourself will figure out how to lead yourself. But the rest - just have fun! And meet Friday, she is on the way!