80+ best blue manicure ideas


Blue color is not often used in manicure. And in vain, because it is refreshing and combined with many shades. It is universal and suitable for any season with the right selection of design. This is confirmed by numerous photos of the blue manicure on Instagram.

What shades are now in trend

Azure color in manicure - the trend of the current season

Now the most fashionable shades of blue are considered:

  • azure;
  • heavenly;
  • light blue.

But you shouldn’t focus exclusively on fashionable pastel colors, it is better to choose a shade suitable for your style of dress and skin color.

Who will suit blue manicure

Blue lacquer looks most beautiful on almond-shaped and square with rounded corners of the nail shape - on such fingers any design will look appropriate. For sharp narrowed nails, a monochrome manicure is better suited. Blue has no requirements for nail length, because popular light shades lengthen fingers, and it looks organic even on short nails.

Photo ideas monochrome coverage

Win-win - single color manicure in blue tones. It is always elegant, neat and beautiful. For a change on a few marigolds from above, you can put a matte top, rub or sequins. To give the volume and roughness of the coating using acrylic powder. This can be both a rich summer and pale blue manicure for a business setting.


Ideas for a blue manicure 2018 with pictures and designs

Blue color is not defiant, therefore it serves as a base for any design. First of all, blue manicure is associated with the marine theme, so images of shells, palm trees, anchors or fish are often combined with it.


In 2018-2019, the fashion for vegetable prints swept the world, manicure did not stand aside. Both large leaves and small flowers look beautiful.


Great combination: white and blue manicure and floral patterns.


But the fantasy of flowers is not limited.


Bright geometry

The second season at the peak of popularity and geometric patterns. Then come to the aid of metallic tape of gold or silver in the form of a thin strip. The pattern is carried out in the same color and with different colors. The last option is more for summer, monophonic - more universal.


Use of sequins, sequins, rhinestones and foils

Beautifully shine in the sun and attract attention sparkles and other decorations on the nails. This manicure looks luxurious and expensive. Light blue color will advantageously set aside them, but the main thing is not to overdo it: it is better to put such decor on 1-2 fingers on your hand so as not to look alyapisto.


Interesting idea: moon manicure with glitter or reverse french.


Powder or glitter under silver, shades of gray or lilac looks beautiful.


The gradient on the nails also does not lose relevance. Moreover, it is performed in the form of both horizontal and vertical ombre. Sometimes complemented by another decor. Blue in the gradient goes well with pink and purple hues, mint and white colors. Both uniform transitions and the effect of marble are used.


The fashion for moon manicure is already coming off, but if this kind of coverage is to your liking, this should not stop. The best option is to leave the surface at the hole of a natural color or make a white semicircle.


Successful combinations of blue with other

The richness of shades of blue allows you to combine it with almost the entire palette, but it looks best in manicure with white and pale pink. These are classic versions, distinguished by their airiness and accuracy. The main rule is to choose colors of the same saturation: both should be either muted or bright.


But you should not limit yourself to the classic versions, it is better to experiment with new colors: red, yellow, black and even green. The latter is now also at the peak of popularity.

The blue coating is universal: it can be made on vacation, at work, and at a party. Themed decor will make the manicure seasonal and will help you to always stay in trend.