What to wear with leather skirts in 2018: 50 ideas for inspiration!


The leather skirt is a stylish piece of clothing, but at the same time it is also capricious. Due to the texture, the thing is already a strong accent, but depending on the situation, you can pick up both a calm top and an even brighter one. Also an important role is played by the style, as well as in what cases T-shirts and blouses are wearing a jacket, and when they are dressed. Having figured out what to wear a leather skirt, you can always be confident in your image and attract the eye.

What to wear with a leather skirt: 50 stylish bow ideas in the photo

Monochrome leather skirt of any model and length will be combined with simple basic things: low-key T-shirts and blouses, stripes and checkered things. Depending on the situation, you can combine the same model with different top and get original images. In one you can go to work, in the other to meet with friends, in the third you go to the club. An important role is played by shoes and accessories.

Mini, midi or maxi

The golden rule for an image with a skirt reads as follows: the shorter the length, the more closed the top should be. This applies to the style of women over 40, as well as images for business meetings. If a girl wants to go to the office in a short leather skirt, she should look at regular shirts with long sleeves. Pencil models also look good with a closed shirt.

Black and white are always well combined with white and blue. If you wear a sleeveless blouse, you get a bold image that is not always appropriate. Closed volumetric jumper, which on the one hand can be wrapped in a belt, will look great. For such a bow is best suited textured skirt or a model with a pattern.

A good option for the office: a classic light blue shirt, a knee-length skirt, a bag and beige shoes.

More daring bow, which is suitable for creative work or to meet with friends: a bright print on a t-shirt with long sleeves and a bag in the color of the picture.

In the office, you can wear a short skirt with a well-closed top.

Very short models of a bottom it is good to combine with high boots.

Long volume goes well with shoes and strict blouses.

In winter, you can wear a short skirt with tight tights and be content with ankle boots. From above well the volume sweater and a jacket unbuttoned or a coat well will approach.


Depending on the season

In the warm season, preference is given to short options. Choose straight cuts or flared, for example, a half-sun model. It is suitable for girls with very thin slender legs or for those who have thin calves, but full hips.


For a casual look, you can wear a regular T-shirt or a loose T-shirt. In the summer of their best to fill the belt.


If the skirt has catchy details, such as zippers, it can be combined with a short monochrome top to add extra emphasis. The same applies to the options with the smell.


In the cold season, they wear either long models, the same "half-sun", or options in the fold, but up to the middle of the calf. A classic "pencil" below the knee will do.


Long better to combine with short jackets, fur coats and coats.


Short skirts are worn with tight tights, you can use in the image of high boots and massive warm shoes. With long, usually short shoe boots are worn, they should be quite feminine. From above you can wear a tight shirt with a cardigan. Refill them optional.


With a black skirt you can wear bright outerwear with a pattern or a large pattern.


In the fall, you can combine the thing with a warm sweater tight knit.


How the style affects the choice of style

The usual straight skirt goes well with the volley top. For example, for her, you can wear a loose shirt 1-2 sizes larger than its owner. It will be successful to fill the belt or tie a knot at the waist.


Also, direct models are well combined with a bright top. You can wear things with different patterns and ornaments: they will be appropriate, even if the bottom is not black, but, for example, red.


Skirts that extend downward (half sun, trapeze, flared), go well with a fitted top. It is especially important to observe this rule for girls of short stature who wear long models of the above styles. Tall girls with narrow shoulders can wear a long pleated piece with a fitted jacket, and wrap a voluminous scarf around the neck from above.

With a small stature, such an image will look cumbersome, it will visually increase the young lady of such build.


Slim straight skirts can be combined with a boa shirt. Also, the image can be diluted with a massive necklace or a scarf around the neck.


Long flared skirts and the sun can be worn both with a closed top and open. T-shirts look good and dress up, and blouses better fill. This will emphasize the waist.


Blouses that are not fitted look best when dressed. This applies even to simple leather skirts without decorative details and not very bright colors.


For petite young ladies, it is better to avoid a voluminous top with a voluminous skirt. A fitted blouse would fit better here.


Leather skirt, which opens well slim legs, goes well with jeans and voluminous bags. Universal beige shoes perfectly complement the image.


On slender girls look good pencil model with a tight open top. When a thing is long, it looks appropriate.


Selection of things under the color of the bottom

The color is the most universal black. It is difficult to predict with it, as it is combined with any top and any accessories. But it is best not to pick her up in a pair of the same color, otherwise this bright wardrobe detail will simply be lost on its background.


The black skirt looks bright in itself, but in combination with the red top it will attract even more attention to its owner.


The second most popular color is brown. This skirt attracts even more attention. You should not wear it with dark tights and wear a black top. If you wear it with a voluminous top, you get a great look for every day.


Brown blends well with others. You can experiment with shades. Accessories can be selected in the color of the bottom, and the color of the rest of the clothes.


The third most popular red. Depending on the shade of this skirt can be used for office and for going to the club. You should not combine it with the same colors, it will make the image tasteless, and the bottom itself will be lost against the background of other clothes. For her, it is better to choose the usual base colors: black, white, beige, gray.


Bright red and burgundy skirts look good with a black top. Accessories are also better to choose low-key.


Leather models with an ornament or pattern fall into a special category. This is not just a piece of clothing, it is a thing that will be combined only with monophonic clothes and simple, discreet accessories. There are few successful images with such a unique piece of clothing, and if there are fears that it will not be able to competently combine it, the purchase should be abandoned.


Bright skirts look good on young girls, but for a stylish look it is better to stick to the same color scheme in the remaining wardrobe.


Among the many models of leather skirts is not so easy to find the one that most suits a particular girl. Do not be afraid to experiment, measure different styles and colors. But picking up the perfect thing and complementing it with suitable top and accessories, the girl will not go unnoticed. After all, this bright and eye-catching wardrobe item is in the closet of most modern style icons.