Kim Kardashian Style Secrets


Kim Kardashian is a famous American media personality, a star of television shows, a fashion model, a designer, a businesswoman. The Kardashian family is one of the most famous and wealthy families in the United States. Kim won worldwide fame after participating in the Kardashian Family project. The model is famous for its wonderful sense of style. She always feels the line between vulgarity and sexuality. Kim really has something to learn and what to note.

What is the basis for Kim Kardashian style: photos of clothes

Kim - the owner of a very feminine and toned forms. The model is famous for its figure, its body is the passion of the fans. She does not hesitate to show her sexuality: for everyday walks, the star wears pencil skirts that highlight the waist and luxurious hips.

Kim's figure easily allows her to wear tight-fitting models.

In her wardrobe a lot of tight dresses, things with a deep neckline, short skirts and crop tops. The model often appears in such a form in public.

For its shape model is considered one of the sex symbols of the United States.

For walks in the city, Kim chooses jeans that fit the figure and emphasize her gorgeous lines, complementing the image of loose blouses.

Due to the heels, Kim's silhouette is visually stretched.

Separate attention deserves the daily business style. Kim Kardashian is not alien to classic trousers, tuxedos, closed tops and turtlenecks, overalls, straight coats.

Classic suit - a stylish and elegant solution.

Kim well combines businesslike and sexy.

The peculiarity of Kim's style is that she always dresses to the occasion.

Dresses Kim puts on both daily walks and important events and meetings. Dresses for everyday wear are mostly black or pastel colors.

Each dress well emphasizes all the advantages of the figure.

In the choice of dresses for various events, Kim does not limit himself to anything. Her evening dresses are stylish and unique. She never hides her legs, chooses tight-fitting dress with open shoulders and a deep neckline.

Every appearance - an explosion of sexuality and outrageous

Do not forget the model and about the bright prints.

Not everyone is going to wear a leopard print dress, but Kim is not afraid of fashionable experiments.

Recently, Kim has demonstrated an image in a military style. The star wore sand-colored trousers and a khaki t-shirt, complementing the look with white ankle boots.

This image of Kim definitely surprised the public.

High heels are an integral part of her image. Kim chooses models that have not only the heel raised, but also a sock, such as boots, sandals, pumps. Her favorite brand is Christian Louboutin.

It's almost impossible to meet Kim without heels.

Kim has always been a fan of brilliant products. Her attention is attracted by flashy jewelry and accessories, as well as shiny dresses.

Any outfit will win if you find the right jewelry for him.

Such dresses attract attention, shock, but always admire.

Streychevy products create an elegant silhouette, and fitted patterns emphasize the femininity of the figure.

More recently, Kim Kardashian tried on a strange necklace, which she allegedly implanted under the skin. Experimental concept called A.Human businessman Simon Hack demonstrated on the stars in social networks.

Presentation of an unusual decoration

Colors and techniques when forming a wardrobe

The forms of Kim Kardashian are her secret weapon and the envy of others. Type of figure Kim called "hourglass" - thin waist and curvy hips - the dream of many girls.

With such a shape, A-silhouette things are great.

Kim - midi's favorite length. Most often these are tight dresses or skirts made of thin material.

Midi length flirtatiously covers legs

Kim's height is 159 cm and heels are her best helpers. Due to them and the high fit of clothes, she visually pulls the figure.

Long plain dresses perfectly draw the silhouette

Favorite color - white, emphasizing chocolate skin tone.

White clothes look good on dark-haired girls, as well as on those who have dark complexion.

She also adores the palette of black, gold, gray and sand colors.

Kim loves to combine the bottom layer with the tone of the coat

Unsuccessful Images

Not all the images of Kim are met with a bang. Sometimes her outfits are tasteless and even ridiculous, causing a lot of discussion and genuine interest among the audience.

At the evening of LACMA 2015 Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles, pregnant Kim came in a completely unexpected outfit, showing a big belly.

Even while waiting for a child, Kim never ceases to amaze the public with his outspoken outfits.

Another shocking image of pregnant Kim is a dress very similar to Wasserman's vest.

The chest is sticking out of the dress, and pockets add volume to the hips.

2008, Kim is 28 years old, but in this image she looks like a 16-year-old girl. Huge jeans, a yellow T-shirt as if straight from the 90s and massive bracelets - quiet horror.

Finally, the image finished off the yellow shoes with open toe

The star is famous for its love for revealing outfits. But with this image of Kim, the stylists clearly overdid it. Mail skirt and latex corset: what reaction did they expect?

The frankness of this outfit is maximum

Tights, fur coat and heels - a strange combination, is not it? That is the way Kim chose to walk.

Kim chose not the best option for going to lunch

The image of Kim is unique. In spite of everything, he is remembered, stands out among thousands of others. A distinctive feature of Kim Kardashian - the ability to combine different styles of clothing, while looking elegant.